James Earl O'Brien - Biography

James Earl O'Brien is an award-winning filmmaker that has produced and edited a number of feature and short films, TV series, documentaries and commercial productions.

Starting in 1999, James founded a collective called RantMedia that produced digital media for Internet distribution which was written about in Wired, Spin Magazine and The Globe and Mail. An early innovator in Internet streaming content, in 2003 he produced a 20 episode live multi-camera broadcast that got the attention of the New York Times and other publications.

From 2004 to 2008 James produced and edited a twenty-six episode TV series which appeared on UK's SkyTV and community TV stations in the USA. In 2010 he produced and edited the animated short film Tales from the Afternow: Little Rocks that won him several awards including Best Animation. He was also the editor and sound designer for the award winning Japanese language film Chishio.

James' latest film, A Perfect 14 (2020), screened at film festivals around the world, winning several top awards including Best Documentary at the Twin City Film Festival, where it showed alongside Academy Award winning and nominated films. After winning three Best Documentary and one Best Writing award the film was picked up by distributor Gravitas Ventures and has gone on to top the streaming services charts and is currently available for viewing worldwide including on Amazon Prime SVOD.

James continues to produce unique, challenging and thought provoking films and has a number of projects in development including several feature length fictional films and an ambitious live action short based on his award winning sci-fi series Tales from the Afternow.